Self Observation

Today I filmed my lesson using technology ‘swivl’ which follows the teacher around the room whilst filming and allows you then to review your lesson. Below is the lesson plan and my self – reflection.

Lesson plan – click here

Self reflection:


The students settled fairly quickly given the lesson was last period, in a new room and with the camera. The students focused as soon as I said the lesson had begun, only low-level lack of focus from individuals throughout. All students contributed to the lesson.

Some students lost focus when getting to their feet for the practical session, but were brought back in quickly by a reminder of the needs of the assessment next week.

By walking around the room with the students initially in the task, it helps keep them focused.

The warm up helped students focus and get into character, though some students didn’t sustain this at all times throughout the lesson.


Students were encouraged to participate in a range of activities: reflection, feeding forward, rehearsing and performing. Pair/group and individual work.

Self-reflection from the performing groups would have highlighted their own understanding/evaluative abilities.

Possibly use ‘buddy’ system for performing/reflecting next time to encourage more people to speak, though limited with this particular room size.


I managed to maintain discipline positively.

Students feel heard and comfortable to ask questions.

Gave students individual feedback in rehearsal which helps them focus in on the main points to improve.


 I think next time it would have helped to ask more powerful reflective questions than repeating the same ones. This will help stretch and challenge students to higher, creative thinking. E.g ‘Is Christopher aware of his status? How do you know?’ etc.

Still considering use of voice and volume…. Not sure I have it right yet.



This has been a successful unit on the whole. In particular using a diverse range of complex scripts has presented the students with a significant challenge, as appropriate for an extension year 9 class. I asked the students to submit an annotated script with all Drama Techniques (Voice, Body, Movement and Space) noted and justified. This was to work as evidence of their preparation, rehearsal and refinement and supported their practical grade. These annotations were useful to see where the students thinking was in rehearsal as well as preparing them for their NCEA unit next year.

Here is a selection os scripts of varying detail: