Academic Tracking

This year I have been focused on trying to ensure that my academic tracking is very easy to follow and I can use it meaningfully for my own planning/assessment as well as student and parent feedback.

At the beginning of the year I created a spreadsheet with all of the units for each of the year groups, with comment boxes to keep a track of academic progress of the students. The colour coding has proven to be the most useful feature as I can see, at a glance, where the students are sitting. This has allowed for numerous meaningful conversations with students about their journey and how we can make sure they have more of the yellow and pink boxes.

I use this spreadsheet at parents evening also, to show the parents where their child is sitting, and they can see at a glance where they fit with the rest of the year group.

This was very useful recently when my set of year 9 students had been working on a really challenging unit. Before I have them their individual grades and feedback I was able to show them the colour boxes for the whole year group, to show them that the majority of the year had achieved a merit. This gave them a useful context for their own performance grade and allowed them to see it in perspective. This was useful for morale as they are a grade driven, high achieving set.

It also allows me an easy way to share data with my HOD, who can see where all of my students are sitting in each of their projects, as well as a basic comment on my thoughts for how I can support them moving forward. For example, after my year 11 set had completed their first piece of written work, I was able to identify which students I would offer oral submissions of work to.